Jewelry bonney pssible true identy

Okay i've been considering to this hypothesis for very much quite a while now and i think i've gone to a reasonnable hypothesis about Jewelry Bonney's actual identity.There have been numerous speculations about her and mine is not completely unique: since she joins numerous others certainly.

jewelry bonney identy
As we all know, Bonney's Pink hair can help every one of us to remember Laura from Thriller Bark. When she has gone separate ways from the SH she gave Nami a Vivre' Card from her mom who's an awesome privateer in the new world.

(no doubt better believe it we all realize that ! Go straight to the point ! ><)

Knowing how Oda likes to make joins between character we can all expect two thing :

– First Laura's mother is the Yonkou Big mother (just the same old thing new to learn here commander ! go on!

– Big Mom's little girl are urged to venture to the far corners of the planet without anyone else and not under Big Mom's imprint (at any rate she didn't appear to be compelled to do anything other than going once more from the new world perceiving how she got the opportunity to water seven : p )

As of right now the vast majority of us believed that Bonney was likewise Big Mom's little girl because of the way that she has the same sweet pink hair shading and her voracious hunger…

In any case, (here's the precarious part ^^ ), We all saw amid the Shabondy's ark that Bonney had a fallen angel natural product

(like Ain's unless Ain's fallen angel natural product is like Bonney's?… Oh … the hypothesis read what comes next ! )

Permitting her to change the age of her adversaries (transforming them into old individuals or babies ) additionally transforming her age freely (giving her a lolicon look ). So we can likewise believe that her easygoing appearance may not be the one as indicated by her genuine age (she's more seasoned than she seems as though) She appears like one of the smartest privateer between the supernovae : she spared Zoro from slaughtering a Celestial Dragon additionally holds a solid resentment against the Marines… She was additionally the one and only to cry when finding out about Ace and WB's passing and she then kept running into BB's team on the smoldering island.

At that point I saw another intriguing hypothesis : Bonney might be a previous individual from Gol D. Roger's privateer group because of her Name : Jewelry. Really it's splendid ! The commander was Gold the second was Silver and the third most powerfull privateer was Jewelry (shaping them three a beast trio )

What might happened if those two hypotheses were very genuine ? My hypothesis is that Jewelry bonney was really Charlotte Lilin's Twin sister. they looked very indistinguishable at the time however Jewelry's organic product permitted her to lose a ton of weight. Sooner or later she really met Gol D. Roger searching for part to join his privateer Crew and she acknowledged deserting her sister

Together they might have lived awesome enterprises. however, when Roger kicked the bucket she chose to cover up for quite a while until she chose to get once again into business. With her fallen angel natural product she could shroud her actual character and have a new beginning.

Be that as it may, i can think about what your primary contention BIG MOM 3:) ? Well it's very basic in case you're cutting-edge with the last section's out ! We saw her respond to Doflamingo's annihilation and Big Mom is presently eating desert on her fundamental island while we're talking really and she wouldn't thank the SH who coincidentally defied oppose her a couple of days back.

My last contention will be that her connection with Roger would likewise clarify the Marine following her (by sending a chief of naval operations toward her (and BB's group ) on the off chance that she simply was a basic high abundance privateer they wouldn't have send an armed force to get her she's vital ! what's more,

Long story short (for the general population who don't care to peruse long speculations ) : I imagine that Bonney is a previous Roger's privateer part (and was a piece of a comparative creature Trio ) furthermore Big Mom's sister. She hided from the marine by transforming her age with her Devil products of the soil to get cruise at the end of the day (for an obscure reason)

So what do you individuals think about it :) ?

*by elesa

Tri monster in straw hat pirates

Theory trio monster straw hat pirates one piece
Segment I​ 

I trust that before the end of the arrangement, there will in any case be a Monster Trio, just it's individuals are not those whom we more often than not relegate the title to. With the radical increment of power the Straw Hats are likely going to pick up later on, whether it be Sub-Captains or just more center Straw Hat Crewmember, Luffy's strengths are surely increasing their amusement. While Zoro and Sanji will without a doubt remain his privilege and left-hand men, the Straw Hats will increase such reputation "gigantic" quality, that assigning the term will without a doubt turn out to be somewhat invalidated. Be that as it may, the legend of the "Beast Trio" WILL go ahead. It will bear on by means of new banner holders, the trio that authored the term in any case. Nami, Ussop and Chopper. Why? Permit me to clarify. 

Sometime in the distant past, the six individuals from the Straw Hat Crew were isolated down the middle between two, tolerating the way that their kindred Crewmembers had silly and strange quality. The hole around then was clear,(a topic repetitive in the Straw Hats), as it were; ability to entertain. Considerably Chopper would get the edge on rivals by the capriciousness of his capacities. 

Presently, proceed onward two years, and they have more Crew mates, the force levels have moved to some degree and because of changing fight styles, it has gotten to be harder to figure out who is better than who inside of the team. There are evident things that some succeed in contrasted with others, yet I get a kick out of the chance to surmise that occasionally the Straw Hat Crew is one major rock-paper-scissors gathering. They all have their qualities and shortcomings. On the other hand, it is just now that the Luffy-Zoro-Sanji Trio are starting to at last have associates of a practically identical force level. This widens the phrasing significantly encourage. The "Beast Trio" title is blurring, yet Luffy-Zoro-Sanji should dependably remain a relentless combo. 

The "Weakling Trio" title is dead and covered. Or possibly will be soon. These characters have grown up a considerable measure since they were presented. Yes they are the same characters with a hefty portion of the same flaws, however they exhibit those blames less and less and they have built up their abilities tremendously, with bounty more opportunity to get better. Notwithstanding considering that Chopper presumably obscures Brook with respect to crude quality nowadays just makes my stone paper-scissors idea all the more applicable. 

Area Conclusion: Calling Nami, Ussop and Chopper the "Weakling Trio" after the advancement they've made, and contrasting them with Franky, Robin and Brook is out of line. Then again, they will dependably presumably hold that title in our mind because of the numerous years of that being the situation. That is, unless Oda makes a move. 

Segment II​ 

In the first place let me anticipate a few improvements that Nami, Ussop and Chopper will get at some point later on. 

Nami: So far in the arrangement we have seen two characters who showcase evident indications of witch legend. 

These are Big Mum and Katarina Devon. I shant go into a lot of insight with respect to these two, considering there are a few hypotheses concerning these truths and i'm certain numerous have made such associations as of now. 

To keep it straightforward, Big mum has been identified with the witch of Hansel and Gretel concerning her sweet fixation. Her banner has a branch on it, connecting her to agnosticism. Her facial elements coordinate the grizzly exemplary representation of witches and given her size, flight appears her doubtlessly type of transport. Her boat sings and her subordinates wear entertainer outfits, that's all anyone needs to know. 

Concerning Katarina, Devon identifies with the Devon Witches, a popular authentic witching occurrence. Her weapon connects her to the moon, something corely related to agnosticism and witchcraft and simply like Big Mum, her elements are damn witchy. All the more essentially, Katarina is on Blackbeard's team, and regardless of whether they wind up battling, it is consistent with say that Luffy and Blackbeard's group appear to coordinate up in a greater number of courses than one. 

Presently, it is vital to comprehend that witches frequently show up in covens, commonly of three. So far in One Piece we have experienced different females that have been contrasted with witches and witches, yet none that completely fulfill the association of a Pirate.
Putting past the straightforward truth that she is a smart and creative young lady, a circumstance that would be sufficient to censure you for witchcraft in a few timeframes, Zoro has even called her a witch before. Getting juicier. Nami contemplated on Weatheria, and island containing researchers dressed essentially as WIZARDS. Her weapon itself is tantamount to a staff, or when separated into three, even a wand. 

The greatest piece of information however is when on Fishman Island, an adversary shouted out her forces were enchantment, yet she promptly pronounced them to be logical. It would be of run of the mill One Piece style to change Nami's abundance name to be both something clever yet important to the arrangement. All things considered, I trust that Nami should never again be called "Robber Cat" Nami by the Marines, and rather be called "Sorceress" Nami. Consequently making her the last witch of the coven. 

Ussop: I n certainty have next nothing to be said in regards to Ussop that hasn't been said some time recently. He will probably develop in quality, fearlessness and expertise, and additionally promote build up his Haki. Be that as it may, let us not overlook where Ussop's inceptions lie. He should everlastingly be the expert of duplicity in the Straw Hat group, and I trust his abundance and abundance name might mirror this, particularly after the entire "God Ussop" circumstance. :lmao: 

I can't foresee what these will be, yet I simply need remind everybody that Ussop is surely the Master of Showmanship! (I'll clarify in Section III) 

Chopper: Chopper… Easily the most physically solid of the Weakling Trio, he is at present in my eyes the nearest to pulling far from the title with Ussop in hot second. Much the same as the other two, he is frequently disparaged because of appearance, maybe the most in this way, and his adversaries pay the cost. 

I trust that Chopper might well be the first Straw Hat to open his Awakening, as I trust he is the person who has explored different avenues regarding his Devil Fruit the most, considerably more than Luffy. When he does, his redesign will be amazing, and his Awakened shape conceivably

Discussing Monster, isn't that the name that Chopper has been called since the time that he's been presented. Isn't "Creature" the word that has dependably clung to Chopper, just for him to grasp being one for the purpose of Luffy and the Crew? 

Area III​ 

Here my hypothesis goes to its climactic development. The point that I foresee every one of these bits of data will impact. 

Sooner or later in the One Piece future, I, and numerous different fans foresee there will be a curve highlighting the Emerald City. Who dwells inside of the Emerald City? Why, the Wizard of Oz, an almighty, all seeing, all fake wizard who is actually.. yes, a fake. Be that as it may, what a terrific impression he made! Utilizing stage impacts to make a monster form of himself fit for stunning spells and deeds! 

Kinda seems like something Nami, Chopper and Ussop would concoct to escape a tight spot right? Right. 

Nami speaks to the Witch, yet lets not overlook her "enchantment" is science (and hence figuratively talking stage impacts), and she was prepared by wizards! Indeed, even her staff insights to the way that she is witch with a wizard's enchantment. This will likewise be Ussop's perfect work of art, a definitive bit of deceit earlier him turning into a really solid warrior of the ocean. Furthermore, obviously, it's Chopper who will be the almighty being. The Monster. My forecast is this: 

There will come a minute inside of the Emerald City where the Straw Hats require help from the "Weakling Trio". Nami might utilize her illusionary hallucination systems to make a huge adaptation of an Awakened Chopper. Chopper might put on a show to be an almighty virtuous being, professing to make spells which Ussop should make happen utilizing his killing aptitude and creativity. Ussop might likewise be the commentator, bending his voice by means of Dials to claim to be some kind of God. 

This gigantic ghost, upon revelation, might bring about the World Government to mark.
I trust this is fitting for the reasons that, as expressed prior, these three depend in front of an audience they are given to win their battles more than others. They utilize acting skill and intimidation to win fights more than others. To pick up disgrace in such a route as this fits superbly with their characters, even the way that Chopper is seen as some kind of awesome beast is great. 

Eustass kid will attack yonko pirates and kid power

theory eustas kid alliance
alliance kid
I think many individuals underrate Kid when they say he has truly no chance against Shanks; i for one trust that Kid is one of the strongest(if not the most grounded) supernovas, and the main supernova who is presently qualified to beat Shanks. 

I think Kid has the magnet natural product; this gives him the ability to make and control electromagnetic fields. This may not appear to be exceptionally great, but rather i trust it is one of the most grounded paramecias in OP. Give me a chance to clarify 

Objects pulled in to magnets are known as paramagnetic. Objects that are not pulled in by magnets are called diamagnetic. Diamagnetic items are really repulsed by attractive fields. In the event that an attractive field is sufficiently solid, it can really be utilized to suspend objects. Here are a few forces Kid could use by making effective attractive fields 

flight, repulses the ground by making an effective attractive field 

he could even coat his clench hands with an attractive field. In the event that Kid did a "magnet punch" by covering his clench hand with an attractive field; it would repulse the individual hit, as natural matter is daimagnetic, however the iron in blood is paramagnetic and would be pulled in to Kid's clench hand. The outcome? Child would have the capacity to send foes flying with only one punch, the attractive field would pull in the adversary's blood,
he could make gigantic, capable fields; this would permit him to conceivably suspend islands, then crush them into adversaries. He could even control water, as water is diamagnetic; this implies child would be an immense danger to DF clients 

he could even cover his body with a capable attractive field; this would fundamentally be similar to a power field which would repulse any diamagnetic assault, so essentially everything except for metal would be repulsed. However Kid can control metal too, so even metal wouldn't be compelling. He could likewise cover other individuals' bodies with attractive fields, this would fundamentally smash them 

Presently when many individuals say that Kid doesn't have a chance against Shanks, they appear to overlook that KID IS A FRICKIN GENIUS 

when he was a kid, he was demonstrated to know generally accepted methods to construct robots 

he even transformed himself into a cyborg 

Child's energy requires information of attractive fields keeping in mind the end goal to be utilized at it's maximum capacity, Oda wouldn't give Kid this force unless Kid had the learning to utilize it 

So if Kid is as brilliant as he shows up, then it's presumable that he has an arrangement; yet what could that arrangement be? 

I think it could rotate around pacifistas 

Child can totally control metal, so a pacifista would stand no chance against him; that is the reason i trust that child has or is wanting to take a pacifista. Once Kid takes one, he can dismantle it and figure out how to make a portion of the pacifista's innovation 

With Kid's information and power, i trust he could make a robot armed force to annihilation Shanks. With pacifista innovation, Kid could furnish his robots with lasers and sturdy metals for more power and toughness. Child could likewise utilize pacifista innovation to upgrade the groups of him and his team. Consider the possibility that Kid got to be similar to Franky. Under his skin he would have a layer of shield for better guard, he could substitute his eye for a robot eye, and even furnish his arm with lasers and perhaps even ocean stone. 

Some of Kid's group as of now seem, by all accounts, to be cyborgs, so having pacifista innovation would be a major help to their general quality. 

Presently i know this is a major consider the possibility that, however imagine a scenario in which Kid made sense of how to weaponize zoans. We realize that Kid is all around educated about underground arrangements, so imagine a scenario in which Kid effectively made an arrangement for grins. Child could give a grin to his cyborg body parts to upgrade them significantly facilitate, i mean imagine a scenario where child's arm could transform into a winged serpent. I know it's kinda far-fetched as Kid didn't appear to be frantic when he discovered that doffy fell, however it would in any case be a cool energy to see 


Despite the fact that Kid may not as a matter of course thrashing Shanks, because of his fallen angel products of the soil knowledge, it is conceivable that Kid will have an opportunity to annihilation Shanks. 

*Theory by Monkey D Theories

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